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Dal Lawrence

Past President, Toledo Federation of Teachers

Dal Lawrence is past president of the Toledo Federation of Teachers and a consultant to both unions and superintendents on teacher quality issues. He was president from 1966-1996. During his tenure, Mr. Lawrence created The Toledo Plan, the nation’s first peer-review teacher evaluation system implemented in 1981. He led two strikes against the Toledo Public Schools in 1970 and 1978. He served as a vice-president of the American Federation of Teachers from 1988-1996, and was president of the Toledo Area AFL-CIO Council from 1994-1998. Mr. Lawrence also authored 133 monthly columns about public education in the Toledo Blade. Mr. Lawrence is retired and currently serves as assistant to the TFT president. Monterrey, Mexico and Syracuse, New York, and Chicago are currently establishing peer review evaluation programs with Mr. Lawrence’s assistance. Mr. Lawrence is also a founding member of the Teacher Union Reform Network (TURN). He taught history at DeVilbiss High School in Toledo, Ohio.